ISS Corporate Services Overview

ISS Corporate Services Overview

About ISS Corporate Services

ISS Corporate Services (ICS) understands corporate governance.  Since 1997, corporate issuers have leveraged our expertise in executive compensation, governance ratings, capital structure, voting trends and corporate governance research to build shareholder value through strong governance programs.

ICS' works with more than 1,100 clients located in the U.S., Canada, U.K., Europe and Asia, as well as other established and emerging markets worldwide.  These industry leaders leverage ISS Corporate Services' resources, tools and advisory services to help them design, manage and measure their corporate governance programs in order to improve shareholder value and reduce risk.

ISS Corporate Services and Institutional Shareholder Services are subsidiaries of MSCI Inc., a publicly traded company. ISS Corporate Services is headquartered in Rockville, MD and also offices in London and Toronto.

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Legal Information

ISS Corporate Services, Inc. (ICS), a wholly owned subsidiary of Institutional Shareholder Services Inc. (ISS), provides corporate governance and executive compensation related database & analytical tools as well as various advisory services to enable corporate issuers to improve shareholder value and reduce risk through the adoption of improved corporate governance practices.

ISS' Institutional Global Research Department, which is separate from ICS, will not give preferential treatment to, and is under no obligation to support, any proxy proposal of a corporate issuer (whether or not that corporate issuer has purchased products or services from ICS). No statement from an employee of ICS should be construed as a guarantee that ISS will recommend that its clients vote in favor of any particular proxy proposal. More information on ISS' business practices is available here.

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